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This model was built as part of the Otford Parish Council's Millennium celebrations and is owned by the Parish Council.


A grant for making and supply of pillars and discs was given by PPARC (Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council) which aims to promote public understanding of science and astronomy through educational projects.


A further grant was given by KCC Rural Revival Scheme to promote publicity of the project.



We thank Otford Builders Merchants for the donation of raw materials and Weber and Broutin for supplying sealing treatment for the finished pillars.


D P Thomas MA conceived the initial idea for the scheme and the design, surveying and calculations were jointly carried out by D P Thomas and Councillor B J Keenan FRAS on the basis of information from US Naval Observatory Washingtom and the computing section of the British Astronomical Association.


The photograph of the Solar System Model on the home page is used with the kind permission of David Prestage. The photograph of the Pond and St Bartholomew's is used with the kind permission of Barbara Darby.