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A leisurely walk (at about twenty times the speed of light) visiting every planet in the Solar System in order of its proximity to the Sun will take approximately one and three quarter hours.


Start the mission at the Sun and slowly walk out into space. The times below indicate how long it takes to walk

between each planet.


Sun - Mercury                                                        30 secs

Mercury - Venus                                                    30 secs

Venus - Earth                                                        45 secs

Earth - Mars                                                        1 min 30 secs

Mars - Jupiter                                                        2 mins

Jupiter - Saturn                                                       7 mins

Saturn - Uranus                                                      14 mins

Uranus - Neptune                                                    8 mins

Neptune - Pluto (via Twitton and Footpath 10)     30 mins (don't forget the viewpoints)

Neptune - Pluto (via Uranus and Footpath 43)*       28 mins (don't forget the viewpoints)

Return to Sun via Uranus                                   40 mins


Total (with stops)                                              1 hour 45 mins

In order to gain an appreciation of just how vast our Solar System is, take a few moments to look back at the position of the Sun from the viewpoints marked on the map. Remember that on top of those tiny pillars there are even smaller engravings of the planets. The recreation ground can be found easily by locating the floodlight poles on the playing field.


*The footpath near the Pilgrims Way West stile can be very muddy in wet weather.

Why not visit every planet in the Otford Solar System?