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One of the unique features of the Otford Solar System Model is its size - it truly spans the globe!  The scale of the model was chosen so all the planets of the Solar System could fit within Otford's parish boundaries. But the potential to expand the model to include some of the nearest stars - at the right scale (in distance at least, if not exact position!) - was soon recognised.  Four illustrious scientific bodies have entered into the spirit of the model by agreeing to host models of four of our nearest stars.  So if you really want to see the whole model - you're going to have to get on a plane (or two)!

griffith-observatory-address Sydney_Observatory Stanley_museum 192 8 Canterbury Museum    Christchurch

There are plenty of other nearby stars which might be portrayed at the right scale in terms of distance away from Otford  (clearly spatial accuracy might be rather more challenging!) - see the chart below for stars and distances from Otford .  We're still looking for other partners to join us in this project, so if you're an academic or astronomical organisation, are the right distance away from Otford (+ or - 5%), and might be willing to display a scale model of one of the stars below - please contact us.